LeasEquip Inc Is The Brainchild Of Jonathan L Lampel

July 22, 2015
LeasEquip Inc. is the brainchild of Jonathan L. Lampel. He founded the company after he saw a real need in the market for the type of services they offer. LeasEquip was founded in 1981 and has thrived since that time. Since its founding, LeasEquip has funded more than six-hundred commercial leases and loans with their own capital—an incredible accomplishment that Jonathan L. Lampel and his staff are very proud of.

LeasEquip Inc. is able to act as a direct source of funds or as a partner with other principals and institutions. This gives the company the flexibility to to respond quickly and creatively to a number of complex financing opportunities. LeasEqup Inc. is a dynamic company that insists on a commitment to excellence in every single dealing.

LeasEquip Inc. can help clients, whether the company is interested in expansion or consolidation. They have the ability to provide access to a range of credit-oriented facilities to numerous industries and business fields. LeasEquip Inc. can provide their clients with access to decades worth of financial experience through their dedicated staff. The company has completed transactions in fields like aerospace, alternative energy, construction, entertainment, finance, health clubs, manufacturing, and medical.